The Chop Shop

Why do so many men struggle to study The Bible? Is it because they don’t trust God? Is it because they don’t know God? Early in my Christian experience I didn’t know God, I didn’t trust God and I had no understanding of The Bible.


Like many faithful brothers I attended Church regularly, I gave tithes & offerings, I enjoyed the activities and functions of The Church but I was devoid of any knowledge, understanding or intimate relationship with God and this resulted in major frustration for me.


That frustration led me to 2 Timothy 2:15, KJV: "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." 


I made a personal commitment to the Holy Spirit, that if He would teach me the Word of God then I would rightly divide it (or chop it). In September of 2005 the above scripture became the foundation of a mens Bible study movement called “The Chop Shop.”


The goal of the Chop Shop was to walk with brothers through the Bible 1 verse at a time. To provide a safe space for them to grow, ask questions, and demonstrate how to live what they learned.


Since the inception of the The Chop Shop many brothers who had no titles and no aspirations for ministry have went on to become Pastors, Ministers and Leaders in their local assemblies throughout the United States. They all conclude that The Chop Shop played a vital role in their elevation in ministry.


If you want to grow in trusting God, you must grow in your knowledge of God. You can’t be satisfied with doing drive-byes in the Word of God. You must study! You must rightly divide! You must chop!


A few good men meet on Zoom every Saturday morning at 7:30 AM CST to explore what it means to be a man of God in our homes and on our jobs by studying the Bible together.


Reach out to us to if you would like to join this small brotherhood of faith that will always have your back!


Your Brother in Christ,

Pastor Tim


Pastor Tim Smith

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